Shirtless in Santa Rosa.

A few afternoons ago I did something I’ve never done before. I went for a trail run. Shirtless. Now don’t get twisted on me, I had a sports bra on. This isn’t the south of France (although I’m completely on board with that movement– why do women have to strap in while men’s nipples feel … Continue reading Shirtless in Santa Rosa.


Junkyard Blues.

From Both of Us:  At any given time as kids there were at least three or four “classic” cars spread around our property, a beautiful land of rolling oaks and manzanita serenaded by rhythmic river sounds. Soon the scene was littered with a ’57 Bel Air, a ’64 Impala, a something-something Chevy step-side, blah blah … Continue reading Junkyard Blues.

In Vision.

By The Brother  Monica and I met with our amazing friend, T8 (don’t ask) for some appetizers at The Lazy Dog in Folsom.  The brussel sprouts were tossed with capers, and the cauliflower buffalo wings were delicious on the palate! While stuffing our faces with tasty treats, we discussed futures, goals, and life in general. As … Continue reading In Vision.

Sow Wisely.

A couple of days ago I stood in the Bangladeshi sun surrounded as far as the eye could see with hills covered in makeshift shelters. Bright orange and blue tarps blanketed the scene, staggered with UNHCR tents and freshly cut roads, all evidence of the vigorous struggle to make room for nearly one million refugees … Continue reading Sow Wisely.