BS Bike Rides & Benefits

It turns out that so much of recovering from trauma is just LIVING a really good life! We’ll be posting a lot more about our adventures in the blogs to come… starting with this one:

Sometimes I really wish we just lived in the same town so we could do this all the time! On Saturday morning we saddled up with two of Tony’s friends for a ride to benefit the local women and children’s program. It was a flat rough road with a lot of wind so for most of the ride it felt like pedaling through peanut butter, but we made it through by loading up on laughs, carbs, and caffeine along the way!

bike ride

That afternoon, we did our best to clean up for a gala (pronounced gawl-la, not gay-la, apparently). We ditched an invite to a friend’s UFC party filled with beautiful single men (I’m not crying, you’re crying) to support a friend’s female empowerment organization. It was… interesting… but with these two fools from high school we always have a good time!


Honestly, though, a lot of my favorite time we spend together is just hanging out, sharing meals, and doing those ordinary day-to-day things you miss when you don’t live in the same town. Like drinking too much coffee, cruising through the bookstore, and shoe shopping (not pictured here).


One thought on “BS Bike Rides & Benefits

  1. It warms my heart that you two love spending time together. My hope is that Bree & Hunter will also enjoy spending time together when they are adults.

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