About Us

Our mission is to be of service by igniting joy, exploration and freedom in the lives of people affected by childhood trauma.

According to our ACE scores, we should probably be dead by now. The Adverse Childhood Experiences test counts the number of certain adversities faced in childhood (physical abuse, a parent’s incarceration, etc) to predict the likelihood that you will develop heart disease, cancer, STDs, addiction, suicidal ideation, and other such cheery ailments. Our childhood had all the basic ingredients, plus some extra spice, to cook up disastrous outcomes: Alcoholism. Domestic Violence. Emotional Abuse. Sexual Abuse. CPS Involvement. Court Intervention. Isolation.

But here we are, not only not dead, but positively alive and doing pretty dang well! Healthy. Happy. And hopeful as heck. Our healing journeys have been tough, tumultuous, and sometimes terrifying, but through it all we’ve come to a place of true gratitude. Our proverbial cups are overflowing and we want to share our struggles and strengths with others in the hopes of easing their journeys. As siblings who endured some serious madness and came out on top (for the most part), we’re inspired to help other people beat the odds and change the stats! From that desire to serve (and copious amounts of coffee), the Brother Sister Blog was born. We’re not therapists or experts. At the end of the day, we’re just two kids who made it through and want the same for you.

A little about us: Tony is a charismatic introvert. He’s everybody’s favorite and the one you call for help. He’s the older brother, but due to the last few years of healthy and inspired living, is often asked if he is the younger brother. Monica is an idealist through and through, which can be equally annoying and inspiring. She’s mostly working on looking like the younger sister again.

Welcome to our site!

22 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You’ve inspired me to start therapy, realizing that I can’t do this alone. I read your posts with a sense of familiarity and sadness, but I’m glad you had/have each other. Hugs to both of you!

  2. Both of you are an inspiration and bring so much happiness and hope to so many people. I am proud to call you brother and sister! I love this blog! And love you both!

  3. I’m so sharing with my siblings and look forward to your insights to gain a little more patience and compassion when they are broken by things 20 years ago or struggle to get to a healthy space! My realistic hop to it approach can use some Tony and Monica touches ❤️

  4. love, love, love this monica! keep at this, and one day you will be running for pres, and i just want to be on your team. 💕

  5. I love that you are doing something active to get people engaged in the healing process. I am 68 and just found out about ACES. (ACE 6, red 4), both my brothers are deceased. One passed from heart disease and the other from long term lymphoma and heart. I cheer you on, get the word out to those who don’t know, and those who can no longer speak. Healing can happen no mater where you are on the spectrum.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Kathryn! We take your words to heart. It is so important to speak up and speak out for those who didn’t get the chance. And we never want to take for granted that we have the opportunity to heal, grow, and connect with people like you to start turning the tide on trauma. We are cheering you on as well, sister!

  6. Glad to find your bro-sister blog! I scored 4. ACE-in-arms. But like you, I’ve been on a journey of (physical and emotional) healing, so it’s a blessing to find you. Looking forward to following your thriving lives 😉

  7. love this. as a therapist with trauma history i love that non-therapists are sharing info. from a personal and research base and know this blog will help many. xxxxooo

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