Ready, Set, …



Welcome to 2017. Feeling inspired? Wired? Tired? Whatever it is… we have your officially unofficial new year, new day PEP TALK. There is really only one word you need to know.

And the word is: GO!

Don’t worry if your outfit isn’t perfect or you have holes in your shoes and she can see that you’re wearing dress socks with jeans.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the right words or polished quotes to deliver or even a viable thought in your brain.

Go anyway.


Or go home. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with going home. It’s cozy there. BUT, go big more often than you go home. It’s a spectacular world out there and you’ll miss out if you keep hiding under the covers.

Ask yourself some questions. Then set some intentions. What is going right in your life?

Keep doing that. Do more of it.

What could be going better? Life is like a relationship. You don’t have to wait for something bad to happen to move to the next level. Are you loving the way you spend your days? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Are you in need of some shifts? From negativity to positivity, from fear to courage, from hate to love, from chocolate-sprinkled-caramel-covered apples to the el naturel ones? Are you ready to delve deeper into the boundless experience of earth while this miraculous blood still pumps through your veins?

Then GO DO IT.

The good stuff is not going to fall in your lap. Sure, you might win the lottery. But you’re about as likely to get mauled by a grizzly bear. Fortune is at your fingertips. And it takes many forms. Take the reins. Chart a course. And then, you know…


Get a passport. Or a metro pass. Or whatever you need to MOVE. Further than you’ve ever moved before. Maybe it’s running shoes. Or a walker. Go. Get. It.

Maybe the next step you take is not one giant leap for mankind. As long as it’s forward motion, you’re on track. Small steps, in the right direction and in succession, can get you to some amazing places.

Maybe it’s just a walk around the block today. When Tony first purchased a treadmill after struggling to tie his shoes over his belly, he was 240 pounds. It was a challenge to go even a mile. Breathing hard. Sweating like crazy. But he went. And went again. And sometimes he stumbled. And sometimes he didn’t go. But he picked it back up. A few years later he ran his first half marathon. The drive to feel good made what once was a struggle something he desires every day.

Maybe you’re content in the skin you’re in – that’s awesome! It’s almost a cliché to have fitness as a New Year’s resolution. So what. There’s not a damn thing wrong with wanting to be our best selves, wanting to strengthen and shine these radical vessels we’re born into so they can carry us through every day in good ways.

Maybe your resolution is small. Maybe it’s a revolution. Maybe you’ll decide to speak your mind. Or reign in your spending habits. Or say YES more often. Or no. Or go back to school. Or work on loving the reflection in the mirror a little more. Or realize that what you thought you wanted isn’t what you wanted at all but just what you were supposed to THINK you wanted and what you really want is just to lead mountain bike tours or open a café or write for travel mags or rebuild obscure car motors or find your long lost extended family in some tiny village or finally, for the love of god, learn to speak Spanish. There are so many ways to go. And only you know.

Wherever it is, we hope you go with the flow. Go against the grain. And always, always go with your instinct.

Finally, we hope you remember that all of this sense of possibility and inspiration and radical transformation that we feel on the dawn of a new year is AVAILABLE ANY TIME. 24/7, holidays included. If you wake up on Tuesday, April 17th and realize the wild dreams and ambitions you had on January 2nd have dwindled and disappeared. GO REIGNITE THEM! There is no better time than a sunny day in July to change your life. Except maybe a rainy September morning… You get the idea. Every day, every moment, is an opportunity to move closer to your intention, your vision for how you want to be in the world.

Maybe you don’t desire any of this. That’s fine, too. Go back to bed.

The rest of you. Get up. Get dressed.

And go get ‘em!

With Love,


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