BS Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score

This book is a game changer! Put it in your Amazon cart and check the heck out! We highly recommend it for all thrivers, survivors, people who know someone who knows someone who’s been through trauma, combat veterans, friends of combat veterans, teachers, social workers, janitors, judges, librarians, doctors, grocery clerks, foster parents, biological parents, young people, old people, middle aged people, etc. You get the idea! It is one of the most comprehensive yet accessible books about how early childhood trauma affects brain development and what that really means for people trying to make their way in the world.

Written by a highly esteemed trauma expert, who also comes across as quite human, this book compassionately describes the origins of mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral issues. He gives the low down on big research by sharing narratives and amazing anecdotes about the transformative potential of healing through means beyond medication and talk therapy. Ultimately, this book is informative, insightful, and inspiring!

Fair warning. It can bring up a lot of emotion. We both cried some big tears along the way as we tapped in to new and uncharted territories of grief, but sometimes that’s the toll you pay on the enlightenment superhighway, right? This will surely be one of our go-to resources for the foreseeable future. If you want to borrow a copy, let us know!


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